2014-01-03 16-55-53 Gassi

Photography is one of my many dearest passions.

I first learned how to use a manual camera at the age of 13 and developed a few films in the bathtub at home. For many years I was mainly taking snapshots but I was the one who always had a camera with me, wherever I went. To some that was annoying then but today I am the one people turn to for copies of those pictures.

At some point I wanted more than just snapshots so I bought my first Canon camera in 1995. After a few camera upgrades and a few photography courses I felt the need to take my passion more seriously.

Since  2010 I have given my passion the dedication it needs to become the photographer I want to be, for myself and my customers.

I take on only a few clients a month, if you are interested then drop me an email.

Enjoy my photographs,


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